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" How to Change the time on your Norstar "

You must do the following programming from a two line display phone such as a M7310, M7324, or a T7316E.

To enter programming mode press "FEATURE"

and * * 2 6 6 3 4 4"

  1. Enter password (default = 266344) - display should read "Terminals & Sets"
  2. Press "NEXT" 5 times - display should read "Time and Date"
  3. Press "SHOW" - display should read "Hour:___"
  4. Press softkey "CHANGE"
  5. Enter hour - display should read "AM OK or Change"
  6. Select AM or PM
  7. Press "NEXT" - display should read "Minutes:___"
  8. Press softkey "CHANGE"
  9. Enter minutes
  10. Press "NEXT" - display should read "Year:___"
  11. Press softkey "CHANGE"
  12. Enter year
  13. Press "NEXT" - display should read "Month:___"
  14. Press softkey "CHANGE"
  15. Enter month
  16. Press "NEXT" - display should read "Day:___"
  17. Press softkey "CHANGE"
  18. Enter day
  19. Press "NEXT

At this point the time should be changed and you can just press the release key to exit programming. Then check the display to verify the change.


Business Series Terminals Desktop Assistant 1.4

Click here to Download then when your on that page click

Click right where it says DA 1.4 _ setup.exe.released.


How To Check Your Voicemail:

1. Press the Open Voicemail key or press Feature 981

2. Enter your password and press OK or #

3. From here you can listen to messages, change your greeting, change your password, etc

To Leave a Message for Someone in Your Office:

1. Press the Leave Message key or Feature 980

2. Enter the mailbox number (extension number of the person you want to leave a message for) the display will show the name of the mailbox owner, press OK then leave


To Access Your Voicemail box from Another Phone:

1. Press the Open Voicemail key or press Feature 981

2. Press the OTHER softkey

3. At the LOG prompt enter your mailbox number and your password all together followed by the "#" sign ( ex. 2211234 then press OK or # ) - If you have 3 digit DN's

To Access Your Mailbox from Outside of the Office:

1. Call the main office number or your dedicated line for Voicemail

2. If the call is answered by a receptionist have them transfer you to your voicemail box

3. If the call is answered by the Auto Attendant you can immediately press * * followed by your ext. then password. ( ex. * * 2211234 ) - If you have 3 digit DN's

How To Transfer Someone to a Voicemail Box:

1. Press the Transfer Voicemail key or Feature 986

2. Enter the ext. / mailbox number then hang up.

* NOTE- Do not place call on hold first before the transfer.

How To Change Your Personal Greeting:

1. Press the Open Voicemail key or press Feature 981

2. Enter your password

3. Press the ADMIN softkey

4. Press the GREET softkey

5. Press the REC softkey

6. Press the PRIME softkey

7. Press the YES softkey

8. At the tone, record your new greeting, press the OK softkey to end your recording and then the OK softkey again to accept the new recording.

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