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Business Communication Manager (BCM)

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BCM 50 w/ 6.0 software

Item # NT9T6506BBNA

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*The Avaya BCM 50 - system is initially configured 0x0. By activating keycodes the main unit can be configured up to 4 analog trunks, 12 digital stations, 4 analog stations, 32 IP stations, and 12 IP trunks.

* Also includes 4 connections for auxiliary equipment - auxiliary ringer, page relay, pagoutput, and music source.

* Up to 2 expansion units can be added which allow the addition of 1 media bay module each; these can be used to add analog/digital stations and analog/digital trunking.

* Provides 10 voicemail ports with 0 initial mailboxes; voicemail boxes can be activated by keycodes (up to 1000) w/100 hours of storage.

* Provides four LAN ports: one is the OAM port for technicians, and the other three are for basic LAN connectivity.


BCM 200 w/ 4.0 software

Item # NT7B10AAFU

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* The Business Communication Manager BCM 200 - is designed to supply complete voice and data services to smaller sites of 20 to 32 users in a compact, cost-effective, easy-to-manage platform.


BCM 400 w/ 4.0 software

Item # NT7B10AAFV

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* The Business Communications Manager 400 - is an all-in-one platform providing business communication needs to small and mid-sized businesses or branch offices with 30 - 200 digital users or 90 IP telephone users. It delivers complete, integrated converged voice and data services - using traditional telephony or IP telephony, or a combination of both. Business Communications Manager 400 has the capabilities businesses need including telephony, unified messaging, multimedia call center, interactive voice response, IP routing and data services such as firewall, wireless, and more.


BCM 450 w/ 6.0 software

Item # NTCU06601BUE6

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*The Business Communication Manager BCM 450 - is a sophisticated, reliable integrated voice and data solution for enterprise branch offices and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Up to 300 users.

It offers voice processing and feature-rich business telephony applications that interwork with data-networking services to offer an integrated platform run by a single, intuitive management tool. As a platform, it is a cost-effective solution that will grow with a customer’s business.

The Avaya BCM portfolio provides secure, cost-effective solutions with feature rich capabilities for the traditional voice-plus applications, converged and pure-IP system market segments. And it meets our SMB customers’ Hyperconnectivity challenges by getting them on the right path to Unified Communications (UC).


BCM 1000 w/ 3.7 software

Item # NT7B10AACM

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* The Business Communication Manager 1000 BCM - comes equipped with some of the following- Pentium® III 700-megahertz processor. 256Mb of RAM. 20 GB hard drive. A 350- watt power supply. 3 Media bays for expansion. V.90 embedded modem. Housed in a 19-inch, rack-mountable chassis. Integrated features like voice, data and management applications working in concert with Microsoft Windows NT Embedded operating system.

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